I just wanted to take a minute to really thank you for all that you did for us on our wedding day. We can’t even begin to tell you how relieved we were that you were there- especially with everything that was going on. You made us both feel like we could relax and enjoy the day, knowing that you had everything under control. I also loved the ceremony space, it was absolutely perfect! I really can’t express just how grateful we are for everything, we had such an amazing day, in huge part because of you!!
— Carly and Andrew
Thank you for helping to make Meisha and Roddy’s wedding the success that it was. What contributed to that success and really clinched it were your impeccable taste, your brilliant and unwavering attention to detail, and for me, most of all, your wonderful rapport with my daughter and the way you put her mind at rest. Once she found you, she knew all would be well………the wedding was, as one guest exclaimed, “the perfect balance between elegance and fun!”
— Judy, Mother of the Bride

Wow. We’re married! I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference you made for us. Honestly. Words fall short. For one, we could not have done this without you. There’s just no way. We were both so busy I can’t imagine having to do all the stuff you did as well. We probably would have cracked.

Everyone was amazed by you and asked us where we found you. The compliments have been coming in since that day. No one was more impressed than us. Several times we turned to each other and said, “thank god she’s here!” The rehearsal was great and the wedding was just amazing. You made it feel seamless and stress free.

— Jessica and Jamie
Thank you so very much for creating such an elegant and lovely event for our family to share with one another. Your intimate touches and extreme generosity and efforts are so appreciated and will always be remembered!
— Terese and Michael
You and your staff are such talented people. You helped transform our wedding into a truly magical night! From the vases in the trees and lanterns, to the delicate wildflower centerpieces…you nailed it !Everything was just as Jack and I imagined it would be. I cannot thank you enough for really listening to us, having patience with us and making our ideas work so effortlessly! Thank you!
— Jack and Courtney